bonfire night

guy fawkesGuy Fawkes was born on the 13th April 1570 in Stonegate, York and was the only son of Edward Fawkes & Edith Blake. Guy Fawkes mother had first given birth to a daughter, named Anne, on the 3rd October 1568 but died 7 weeks later on the 14th November 1568. Guy Fawkes mother had 2 more girls, Anne born on the 12th October 1572 and Elizabeth born on the 27th May 1575.

Guy Fawkes was baptised in the church of St. Michael le Belfrey 3 days aftyer he was born and was raised a Protestant Anglican. He attended the free school of St Peter's in York called "Le Horse Fayre". Guy Fawkes'school friends could have included John & Christopher Wright, 2 of the main conspirators of the gunpowder plot and Thomas Morton who became theBishop of Durham. Guy Fawkes converted to Catholicism about the age of 16 according to his own admission at the preliminary interrogation after his capture in the House of Lords.

In 1592 Guy Fawkes sold the land he had inherited from his father, by 1593 after serving briefly as a footman for the second Viscount Montague he enlisted in the army of Archduke Albert of Austria in the Netherlands. Guy Fawkes fought against the Protestant United Provinces in the 80 years war with the armies of Catholic Spain, it was during this time that he took the name Guido, the Spanish version of Guy. He served for many years as a soldier, gaining great expertise with explosives, which is the most likely reason that Catesby & Winter recruited him.

In 1596 Guy Fawkes was present at the siege a of Calais and by 1602 he had risen the rank of ensign. He could have visited Spain in the early 1600s to request their help in returning England to Catholicism. Guy Fawkes was executed in 1606 after the failed gun powder plot.